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The New England Translators Association (NETA) will be holding its annual conference on May 4,
in  collaboration with UMass Boston,  and  welcomes papers  written by undergraduate  and
graduate students, panels organized by professors, as well as proposals for panel discussions and
roundtables from professors teaching in the field of translation and interpreting. This is an
invaluable opportunity for students to present their work, talk with working translators and
interpreters, and explore the profession. It is also a chance for professors to share their
expertise and work together to advance the field of translation studies.

Innovation from Within: How Interpreters and Translators Are Shaping the
Present and Future of the Field

Possible topics:
●  New approaches in translation and translation studies
●  Translation and interpreting studies and the future of the profession
●  New technology and social media in translation and interpreting
●  Machine translation and its effects on the field of translation studies
●  Apps vs. professions: teaching and learning to navigate the future
●  Online translation and interpreting: practice, teaching, and learning

Other approaches to the conference theme are also welcome.

Deadline: February 15, 2019

                                     Panel proposals                                                          
Individual paper proposals                                               

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