New England Translators Association
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Officers, Directors, and Committees

Please feel free to contact the NETA officers, directors, or committee chairs 
if you have any questions or suggestions. 



-Vice President



Board of Directors

Lesley Andrews, Rokhaya Smith, Diego Mansilla, 
Antje Ruppert, Maiyim Baron, Alice Wolfe, Erika Schulz


Annual Conference (2017):  Elena Langdon-Fortier, chairperson, with Montserrat Zuckerman, Adel Fauzetdinova, Sybil Gilchrist, Suzanne Owen, Rochelle Sweeney, and Milena Vitali, along with Ellen Elias-Bursac, Ken Kronenberg, and Diego Mansilla

Membership:  Antje Ruppert

Newsletter: Terry Gallagher and Sarah Heller

Programs: Marian Comenetz


New England Translators Association

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