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2021 Online NETA Conference Schedule

May 1, 2021

9:00 - Welcome with Diana Rhudick, NETA President

9:15 - Keynote - Digital Flourishing: Achieving Wellness in an Increasingly Virtual World with Nina Hersher


Professional Section

From Snippets to Corpora - Looking up the Senses of a Word's Meaning with Alejandra Karamanian

Intro to Voice Movement Therapy for Interpreters with Mali Sastri

Panel - Getting Started as an Interpreter

Academic Panel Discussions

Specialized Translation: Health, Occupational Safety, and Education

Feminist and Post-colonial Literary Translation, and the Translation of Poetry

Interpretation Practice: Conflict Resolution, Immigration & Health Outcomes


Professional Section

Market Intrigues of Translating Chinese Fiction with Sabina Knight

Interpreting for Special Education with Holly Silvestri

Panel - Getting Started as a Translator

Academic Panel Discussions

Context, Localization, Online Translation and Interpreting

Spanish Language: History, Idioms, and Dialects

Decolonial Language Politics: Translation in the Americas


Professional Section

The Unequal Politics of Translation with Sabina Knight

The Medical Interpreter, an Essential Part of the Care Team with Luciana Canestraro

Panel Discussion - Translation and Identity with Ilan Stavans and Haidee Kotze

Academic Panel Discussions

Translating Diverse Voices: Queer, Feminist, and Multilingual Praxis

Youth Interpreters: The Present and Future of Our Profession

Translation Advancing Education: Language Access in Schools


Professional Section

Alternative Review Methods for Better Accuracy with Helen Eby

Lines, Tigers and Bares! with Javier Castillo, Jr.

Using Email and LinkedIn to Market to Direct Clients with Corinne McKay

Academic Panel Discussions

Translating Literature Today and What It Means for Tomorrow

Why Pursue a Career in Translation and Interpreting Now? with Rudy Heller

Literary Translatability: Building Worlds, Amplifying Voices

2:55 - Endnote - Diversification for Translators and Interpreters with Jost Zetsche

3:45 - Closing Remarks with Lesley Andrews, NETA Vice President


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