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Schedule 2019


Opening remarks (NETA President Diana Rhudick and UMass Boston Provost Emily McDermott)


**Keynote: Jonathan LevyThe Linguist as Analyst: Where Expertise Adds Value


Coffee Break


Steve Sanford

Juvenile Court Terminology Solutions for Portuguese

Bruce D. Popp

Long- and Short-Range Connections

**Maha El-Metwally

Increase Your Interpreting Productivity with Technology

The Future of Translation and Interpreting

Panel Chair: Diego Mansilla

Translation and the Ethics of Inclusion

Panel Chair: Nayelli Castro, UMass Boston


*Margarita Bekker

Evidence-Based Approach to Ensure Equitable National Certification Program

**Scott Crystal

What's Missing in Your Interpretation and Translation?

**Darinka Mangino

Stress & Interpreting: Coping Strategies for Conference, Court, and Conflict Zone Interpreters**

Translation and Interpreting in Medicine, Immigration Services, and Media

Panel Chair: Adel Fauzetdinova, Westfield State U.


Growing with Translation: Enhancing and Expanding the University Experience

Panel Chair: Regina Galasso, UMass Amherst / The Translation Center



Lunch and Meet the Candidates


**Rosanna Balistreri

The Art of Advocacy

Cecilia Weddell

Editing Literary Translations

Megan A. Kregel

The Importance of Professionalism in Resumes and LinkedIn

¿Qué es un acomodo? Holyoke Public Schools on Special Education and Translation

Panel Chair: Nicholas Magnolia, Holyoke Public Schools

Insights from the Translator’s Desk: Experimenting with New Words and Old Works

Panel Chair: Isabel Gómez, UMass Boston


**Rony Gao

People, Place, Purpose: Leadership Skills in Consecutive Interpreting

Last-minute addition in 2:30 slot:

Getting Started in Translation and Interpreting, Ballroom (3350 AB)
panel with Stephen Volante, Tapani Ronni, Elena Langdon, Inés Fusco

Alejandra Patricia Karamanian

The Act of Translation Revisited: Copyediting and Proofreading

**Liz Essary

Understanding Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI): An Interpreter’s Perspective

Translation Routes: Trading, Crossing, and Rewriting across/within Borders

Panel Chair: Nayelli Castro

New Technologies and Their Effects on the Field of Translation

Panel Chair: Adel Fauzetdinova, Westfield State U.



Coffee Break and Speed Networking


Endnote: Ewandro Magalhães

Personal Branding for Interpreters and Translators


Bingo Prizes, Closing Remarks, Reception

*Session approved for CCHI CEUs
** Session approved for IMIA and CCHI CEUs

Yellow columns are academic division.


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