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Help Afghan Interpreters

No One Left Behind

The focus of this nonprofit organization is two-fold: They seek to revamp the State Department’s 14-step process for SIVs and to also ease the transition for those who have been resettled in the U.S. They are focusing efforts on helping Afghans in the process of getting an SIV. The group has resources to help people navigate the process as well as recommendations for other groups that can assist. They are accepting donations, and report that $0.76 of every dollar goes directly to the SIV families. They can also be reached at 

Keeping Our Promise

This organization provides resettlement assistance to “endangered wartime allies who served U.S. interests in conflict and war zones.” Individuals and groups can donate money or time, and their audited financials are available on their website.

Evacuate Our Allies

EOA is a coalition of groups working together to evacuate and resettle Afghan allies who are in the Special Immigrant Visa process and other vulnerable Afghans. The international human rights organization provides information and resources on how to contact your representatives to urge them to take action. They report that one issue they are having is housing Afghan refugees that have made it to the United States, so if you would like to volunteer in any way to include housing families, you can fill out this form or send an email to  and somebody will contact you.

International Refugee Assistance Project

IRAP has ramped up efforts to help Afghans amid the current situation. They provide legal assistance to refugees to help them navigate through the process of relocating, whether it be via SIV or other means. Their website is filled with resources for those wishing to help refugees and their families. 

Also, Massachusetts representative Seth Moulton is a Marine Corps veteran who has been advocating for Afghans for months and has set up a form where individuals can request information on a refugee or provide information on how best they can assist them.



UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is providing displaced Afghans with emergency shelter, water, food and healthcare. You can learn more and donate here.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is working to help displaced people in Afghanistan with various types of aid, including emergency cash assistance and protection services. They are also helping Afghan refugees resettle in the United States. You can donate here. 


AfghanAid is also providing emergency cash assistance, food and hygiene kits to displaced families, and donations are being doubled via TheBigGive.

Neighbors in Need: Afghan Allies. Donate here.


Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services


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