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NETA Discussion Forums

NETA members can join one or both of our email discussions groups. The main one is focused on topics related to translation and interpreting, whereas the second one, alt-neta, is for discussion on other matters of interest (info at bottom of page).

Main Discussion Group
Two ways to subscribe to our discussion group, for NETA members only:

1) Send a message to                              

2) Go to and click on blue rectangle, Apply for Membership in this Group.

Once you’ve been added, you can post new topics at this email:

To see who else is in the discussion directory, you will have to change your own settings to be visible by others:
Go to

Create a password and log in.

Select Directory in left-hand column.

Get a message saying that you have to update your privacy settings to view the directory.

Click the profile privacy setting link in the message, then update profile privacy to other members of your group.

Select Update Group Profile at the bottom of the page.


NB: You can set your subscription settings here: (daily summary, individual emails, etc.).

Helpful Email Addresses

Alt-NETA Discussion Group 
We also have an alt-neta discussion group for topics not directly related to translation and interpreting.


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